Table of Contents

Unlock! from the COVID19 Situation

Section A: Becoming a Leader

Chapter 1. The Leadership Switch
Chapter 2. Who Should Read This Book?
Chapter 3. The Journey Is the Destination
Chapter 4. Why Do I Want You to Have a Leadership Career?
Chapter 5. Seven Steps to Unlock!

Section B: Preparation
Chapter 6. Ikigai: The Purpose-Driven Leader
Chapter 7. Leadership Is Not a Title
Chapter 8. Caution, Mindset Shift Required
Chapter 9. Do You Know Who You Are?
Chapter 10. Triple Down on Your Strengths
Chapter 12. The Market Framework

Section C: Strategy
Chapter 13. North Star: Your Strategy for Success
Chapter 14. Discovery: Endless Possibilities
Chapter 15. Horizon: Capture Market Trends
Chapter 16. Resolve: Make Bold Career Decisions

Section D: Your Personal Brand 100
Chapter 17. Moniker: Define Your Personal Brand

Section E: Execution
Chapter 18. Elevate Leadership Flywheel
Chapter 19. Elevate Leadership Flywheel: Build Competencies
Chapter 20. Elevate Leadership Flywheel: Exceed Expectations
Chapter 21. Elevate Leadership Flywheel: Transmit Leadership Behavior
Chapter 22: Tell Your Story
Chapter 23. Elevate Leadership Flywheel: Expand Your Network
Chapter 24. Elevate Leadership Flywheel: Run (Don’t Walk!) toward Growth Opportunities

Section F: Renew
Chapter 25. Reinvent

Section G: Putting It All Together
Chapter 26: Take Action