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"Modern and practical career leadership playbook for navigating disruptive times."

Award-winning career leadership book and an Amazon Best Seller!

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2021 Independent Press Award
Category : Business Motivational

2021 Hoffer Award
Category : Self -Help

2020 American Book Fest Award
Category : Business Motivational

From the Author!

-Abhijeet Khadilkar

“The current disruption is an important time to invest in ourselves. It is an opportunity to chart a new career path that is uniquely yours. A path that excites you and energizes you.

Unlock! provides 7 essential steps to not only navigate this storm but to discover yourself in a new way, reimagine your career and lead yourself to leadership success.”

We Pay For The Book, You Cover Shipping & Handling.

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Download digital templates for the tools and resources included in UNLOCK! to make the most of the book

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From Silicon Valley, here is a collection of the best leadership tools for the modern digital leader


Do yourself a favor and pick up this book...

“Stuck? Unlock! If you believe that your career growth is your #1 job, do yourself a favor and pick up this book.”

Jonathan Copulsky  // Former CMO, Deloitte Consulting, and faculty member, Northwestern University

Abhijeet is an absolute treasure. ..

“Abhijeet is an absolute treasure. One of my favorite things about this book is the importance of mindset.” 

Johanna Lyman  //  CEO of Next Gen Orgs and president of Bay Area Chapter of Conscious Capitalism

Abhijeet’s guidance is pragmatic...

“When Abhijeet gives you advice, you listen. I do. Abhijeet’s guidance is pragmatic and applied readily to professional settings. Must read!”

Aashish Chandorkar  //  Leading Management Consultant and Author of 'The Fadnavis Years

A very practical, seven-step approach...

“In Unlock! Abhijeet synthesizes a very practical, seven-step approach to define your personal strategy from his experience and shows you how to execute it to become the leader you are meant to be.”

Alejandro Danylyszyn  //  Principal, Deloitte Consulting

Brings out the best in his team...

Abhijeet has continued to strive for doing not only what’s best for business but also honing his leadership skills to bring out the best in his team.”

Joe Pinto  //  Chief Customer Experience Officer, Pure Storage

Unlock! is your career investment tool...

“Investing in yourself always pays off, Unlock! is your career investment tool.”

Tom Berghoff  //  Senior Vice President, Customer
Experience at Cisco

Abhijeet has packaged his wisdom...

“In Unlock!, Abhijeet has packaged his wisdom to bring positive change at scale. Get a copy to change your life and get one more to change the life of someone you care.”

Rajesh Setty  //  Co-founder of Audvisor, author of Six Foot World and 15 other books

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